There a lot of different type of note taking tools put there and although I do like Notes on the iPad Bear offers a few more tools. I like the way you can organise your information. And it can be moved around up the tree to be made more important,

The range of tools are good – there are tools for editing around the screen which I have always found tricky on the iPad and apple doesn’t like having arrow keys.

There is a checklist button for making to do lists. A useful festures is hashtags which would enable searching and tracking of your work.

Of course there is images and drawing,, bullet points, different type of headings. A small selection of fonts , including open dyslexic That would be useful but as it is an app that can just be used to quickly get information down.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:-

There a few themes to use. Some are inapps purchase. This one is dark theme which is good for standout notes and clarity in low light.

Finally it would be useful for secondary aged students with its more mature ans practical tools.

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