A Richer Curriculum..creating a culture of opportunity in a digital world.  11th / 12th July Winchester University


At a time when the government EdTech strategy has been released, educators, researchers, experts and organisations will come together to share ideas and plan actions.

Early career researchers and students are welcome most welcome as well.

A range of speakers will also join the debate:

Lord Storey, ex-head, discussing EdTech policy in schools

Caroline Wright, BESA, on working with the edtech industry.

Cat Scutt, CCoT, on EdTech research and practice

Professor Mike Sharples talking about innovation in pedagogy

Professor Ros Luckin about the evidence from the EDUCATE programme

Bernard Dady, Gaia Technology, talking about the principles of effective CPD strategies for EdTech professionals

Mike Forshaw, InnovateMySchool, with practice about sustaining vibrant e-communities for busy teachers


Sign up now for early bird prices http://conference.itte.org.uk/

Any questions to christina@mirandanet.ac.uk


Warm regards


Professor Christina Preston

Join us in conference this year

MirandaNet Founder, TPEA Chair, Naace BOM

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