Orcam MyReader

I have been working with a client who has severe visual impairment and just this weekend we bought an Orcam My Reader device. She is an author and finds large magnification of text very difficult to practical use as she reads ahead for meaning and the slowness of the magnification way makes that difficult. Using the Orcam to review her research for addition to her book having a tool like Orcam that can read the text back to her both from printed and screen materials on a computer/mobile device is just amazing for her. If you want to know more details check out this video clip. It is for the Orcam MyEye – both MyReader and MyEye have similar functions  but the MyEye does facial and product recognition whereas the MyReader is just for reading and it’s slightly cheaper. Both devices cost between £2,000 -£3,000 depending on which device and what accessories are required:-

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