Autism and Technology

Do you have a personal or professional interest in autism and/or accessibility?

In AbilityNet’s upcoming webinar they will share information about how websites, apps and other digital technology can be designed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) users in mind – and how this can create more inclusive solutions for everyone.

This free webinar takes place on Tuesday 17 April at 13:00 BST and kicks-off with AbilityNet Accessibility and Usability Consultant Dafydd Henke-Reed presenting an overview of ASD, followed by the associated design challenges and most importantly the solutions.

For more information about AbilityNet’s upcoming webinar click here.

According to facts from The National Autistic Society autism is much more common than you might think. In the UK 1 in 100 people are estimated to be on the autism spectrum which makes this webinar a must-see.

There are concerns that bleeding-edge technology may not be autism-friendly and this issue will be discussed in the webinar along with the ways in which technology can be helpful and beneficial for people with ASD. Even if you’re not able to attend, please register your interest to receive a notification when the webinar recording becomes available to watch.

To register your interest in AbilityNet’s upcoming webinar click here.


One thought on “Autism and Technology

  1. Dear Myles,

    Thanks for serving up another good resource to the autism community here. Will be signing up for this upcoming webinar.

    Also, just wanted you to know that our new Reading Focus Cards app for Windows 10 PC’s has just been published and is available in the Windows Store at

    Since you serve so many individuals with special needs, I thought you might be interested in knowing about the new version of this app that helps CHALLENGED READERS of ALL AGES and ABILITIES.

    Thanks for ALL you do to help the many who struggle to read, learn and live each day because of various challenges.


    Joan M. Brennan

    Brennan Innovators, LLC

    Solutions for Struggling Readers

    Creator of the Reading Focus Cards—Made in the U.S.A

    314-892-3897 (office)




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