Immersive Reader now an icon!

Immersive reader ( Learning tools from Microsoft) has now been made available for a number of office applications like Word, OneNote, Outlook. Before you had to call up the feature from the help section, now you just go to view and you see this:-

immersive reader

What does Immersive Reader do?

The following access editions are now available:-

  • text to speech – with highlighting of each word spoken at a speed of your chosen
  • choice of male or female voice
  • Syllable mode allows words to be split into syllables which is helpful for teaching phonic construction of words
  • Also highlights nouns, verbs adjectives – useful for teaching grammar construction
  • Focus mode – lines of text can be viewed in a bar whilst taking out distracting elements. Useful for tracking lines of text which is a problem with many dyslexics.

In fact Immersive Reader is very useful for the Dyslexic which is now available for integration into office products for free. You do need an educational account for all the learning tools but Immersive Reader appears to be free for those like myself who have Office 2016 and an Office 365 basic account.

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