Find my iPhone


I had occasion to use this feature that is on all iOS mobile devices. I walked to a client’s house with my backpack with (I thought) my iPad in the backpack. I then had to travel on bus to a nearby town to see my daughter.

It was while I was there that I found there was no iPad in my backpack! I retraced in my mind where this could be . At the client’s house? On the bus?  It was then I realised this feature “Find my iPhone” and to give peace of mind I checked the map to see that the iPad had never left my home!

There are other apps that do a similar thing such as “Find my family” which helps to track your children’s whereabouts via their iOS device. This is good for knowing when your partner, child, etc are  about to arrive home as an alert occurs when they drive up the home’s road!

There is an Android equivalent ” Find my Phone” so this means that the commonly produced smartphones have this feature.

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