Screen curtain on iPads & iPhones

Here is a thing I didn’t know about until today . In using voice over in the accessibility settings there is a feature which isn’t well known and can cause a significant problem for the user. Its called “Screen curtain” and it blanks the screen to black. Which means you cannot access the device other than via your voice. Designed for blind users and to conserve battery life this feature can be switched off but I have to say it didn’t work first time for me. To toggle the feature off you press the home button quickly three times!

If you can’t get this to work you may have to connect to itunes with a capable and do a reset using a backup of the device. This is what i did and it was difficult to achieve without updating the device as you have to switch off ” Find my device” which because your screen is blank you can’t see!! Aarrgh!

Apple , please can you make this feature more difficult to access accidentally as my client did by hitting the home button three times to switch the feature on whilst using voice over!

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