Microsoft can speak now!

As I was writing today in Word I discovered a new addin. As I have Dragon Dictate I suspect this is where it has come from. But I will search further. On investigation this is Microsoft and NOT Dragon and has been in Word since August this year.

As with all new additions unless someone tells you that you really don’t know. But this is so useful for dyslexic learners and would recommend they use the feature on Word 2016 and go to Review where this icon resides:-

Read Aloud in Word 2016

Text to read back clearly and each word is highlighted as spoken – very useful for the dyslexic. The following article explains about this feature in more detail:-

The feature is in Office 365 and Word but you have to use the “What do you want…” help window and type “Immersive Reader” in it. Why this doesn’t have an icon on the toolbar I don’t know. It seems a logical thing to me and makes it more inclusive.

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