Day off!

“Can’t remember the last time I actually took a day off? “

Is this you?

Certainly me!

When you are busy doing what you love most it is easy to get totally obsessed by it. Since working for myself which is now kn its 6th year before my retirement I have not got rich but enjoy every minute of it – well almost -except when doing the paperwork for the accountant! He tells them without exception I make a loss due to hidden costs such as property, energy and too many purchases made. I am controlled in spending but even so there has been the occassional hickup like booking a conference and then not being able to cancel in time to get a refund.

So I am doing what I want to do today! And as you can see I am writing to you – whoever and wherever you are. I am just reading a downloaded book on “How to build a career in tech.” By the Product Hunt team. I can recommend it so far as its full of good advice by people who have been there and done it. Go to“How to build a career in tech?”. You will not be disappointed.

My bit of advice. Money isn’t the be and end all of a job – feeling useful and relevant is a factor. As is enjoyment of doing lots of different things. I am involved in a wide range of products so when someone asks me “ what do you do” it takes 10 minutes to tell them. OK if you were to judge the success of AccessAbility Solutions it would not be great. But it all depends on the measure we use. Which is currently a big debate in our education system particular with OFSTED who say that schools are not teaching a broad enough curriculum and being obsessed with exams. Something many of us have been saying for years!

Well that’s my two penneth!

Despite my relaxing hotel environment being punctuated with a continuous stream of hammer bangs due to refurbishment.

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