FELT – Feel, Enjoy,Learn,Thanks

1 in 10 children have mental health needs in our schools. That means a possible 3 children in a class! Positive Pyschology for Education  offers help and training through it’s FELT program. Approaching this problem in a positive manner is the mission of Dr Linda Mallory. Wellbeing is what Linda promotes and the research in psychology backs her up saying that “Wellbeing precedes outcomes.” With our present education system focused on outcomes this seems a timely time do this.

Linda I have known and worked with when I was working for Wiltshire Council, She is presently working on her “FELT – Feel, Enjoy,Learn, Thanks ” with schools in the Trowbridge area doing training sessions with staff.  I think if children feel good about themselves they will achieve more. So I heartily recommend Dr Linda Mallory’s work to you. Please contact her via her website:-


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