When Mobile Technology comes of age!

This is now, not something in the future. I promote the use of the device that can take photos, record video and sound , write text ( even with your voice!) and draw. These are the tools that you can use effectively on any make of mobile – from Apple to Android to PC. All mobile technology does this.

Why is this useful?

Essentially it is a tool of expression in th 21st Century. Not to do away with handwriting but to provide another tool to go into your toolbox. Pupils can be freed from the physcial process of handwriting into the bright , shiny world of image, text,video and sound – and that’s without having to buy apps for your device. These tools are often part of the system and can be used effectively as soon as your device switches on.

Book Creator App (iOS)

In a course today I learnt a new feature of the app. Text to speech! Not only can you add text, images , video you can also have your text read back with highlights on each word. Something that was brilliant and easy to use has suddenly got better! Love it!

And the fun doesn’t stop there with Puppet Pals 2 you can create engaging movies that were unthinkable 5 years ago ( quote from an ex – computer teacher) . Movies that aide children in using speech and language for a purpose. Learning and having fun! Something that is sorely needed in our education system these days I think!

So why are those bright shiny things still in the cupboard?

This is a phenomena that is being played out in settings where bright shiny things ( iPads or similar) are waiting in their boxes until the app licensing and time spent setting up to be done.

Seems like we need a reason to get them out of the cupboard !

If we understood what they did well then we could utilise them in any teaching situations. So instead of thinking of these devices as the “must have” device but then what?!  Get ahead of the game by seeing them as:-

– tools to record experiences with

– tools of spontaniety creating moments to share and enjoy together

– mobile devices work best when used by two people not one in certain learjng situations

– pair more able communicators with less able communicators

– get training in apps that explore the above

– and then model the apps to your pupils ( pupils learn apps from you!)

The list is ongoing as we move forward in our understanding of how best to use these bright shiny things and its not in the amount of apps but the quality of the app to do something amazing that can’t  e  easily done another way

So mobile technologies – you have come of age!



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