Missed Communications


On holiday in the states I came across many instances of missed communication. For instance the first t-shirt messages leaves me mystified as to what the meaning is, does it  you?

Often we do the same in the IT world . We think we have got our meaning across but because there is no shared culture it plainly didn’t communicate. The same applies in training. We think our presentation has communicated but did we really consider the following:-

  • The audience perspective
  • Level of content used
  • Clarity of the slides used

Feedback is tremendously important. Using IT can provide instant feedback from multiple sources. Research demonstrates that this high levels of engagement and encourages better understanding. The principle of you learn more when you do something is clearly important. So why not offer more opportunities for feedback during your presentations.

Here are just a few suggestions :-

Invite open ended answers by the use of open ended questions. Use phrases like what do you think about that? How would you use this? What problems do you see? What can be gained by doing this?

For checking understanding use apps like Socrates, Nearpod to quiz the group and modelling 21st century methods of instant feedbacks by all the group at the same time.

Use a summative survey that deals with higher level feedback regarding performance, content and delivery by saying what will you use tomorrow or how could you make it more simpler to understand.

i think that using these methods would give you more understanding of what learning has taken place ( good or bad!) and also how you have performed as a trainer or teacher.

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