Assistive Technology Gloves for the Deaf

Recent developments in assistive technology
for deaf people

A Sky News article has reported on the latest development in assistive technology for deaf people: high-tech gloves that can turn sign language into speech, making it quicker and easier for deaf people to communicate.

So how do they work?

The wearable device records sign language and transmits these movements via Bluetooth to a computer. Then, algorithms analyse the movements to understand what is being signed before reading these words aloud.

No doubt, such technology is a long way off from commercial sale, and indeed, a long way off from being affordable, but it could be that assistive technology is the answer to bridging the attainment gap between deaf and able-hearing students.

The high-tech gloves were invented and developed by two university of Washington students, one of whom commented: “Many of the sign language translation devices already out there are not practical for everyday use. Some use video input, while others have sensors that cover the user’s entire arm or body.

“Our gloves are lightweight, compact and worn on the hands, but ergonomic enough to use as an everyday accessory, similar to hearing aids or contact lenses.”

Link to full article:

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