Groups in Office 365

Groups in Office 365 works great when you are in an Office 365 business setup with lots of colleagues. I would like to work with external to my organisation colleagues around the UK for specific roles. Here is what I am discovering. You can establish a group email to write to but not access other of the tools like files, shared calender and notebook. Admin ( owner of the site can) but not a user. You can email to the group address – useful for tracking emails and receive emails to the group like a distribution list.

As organisations grow and need smarter ways of handling email’s then this kind of facility is useful compared to scrolling through hundred’s of email. is one that has a lot of the tools and more than the Yahoo groups that people use. If using a site like forwarding from the group email is essential to smooth running which is part of the setup procedure. But to operate the file and calender you need to go to rather than having it integrated into your chosen emailing system. I like and use it for BATA.

I found this useful article on Groups in Office 365:-

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