Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Microsoft CRM


I have just spent the last couple of days getting Microsoft Dynamics CRM setup. What is CRM? Well, to put it simply its your business management system. If you are a large organisation it will help your team to track and hold sales, store opportunities and develop new markets with you. It integrates the different operations of your company into one unified central tool. Customising and standardising your brand and making it more responsive by clever tracking tools. It’s early days for me and probably way to powerful for my operation!

For my small consulting business I use Wave for my invoices which also has a direct feed from my banking account so I can track my finances through the system. I tend to look at this daily so I have my finger on the life blood of my business , namely the cash flow!  I also have Insightly which records my opportunities and ideas for future work. I refer to these from time to time when working on different projects. Both of these products are free whereas I don’t know what Dynamics CRM will cost me yet! Watch this space! I shall blog my progress.

Costs for using CRM are monthly – £40.50 for CRM Professional and £31.25 for an Add-On for Office 365. Somehow I think when my trial ends I won’t be continuing! This tool is for large businesses then this sole trader. An alternative , though not as comprehensive , is Microsoft Power BMI which I am currently integrating with Insightly – a free project management tool. Power BMI is free also and so attractive for those like myself who want to try out new technology tools.

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