Windows 10 update

A very large and laptop changing update came in yesterday for those on the windows insider programme. Watch out for this as it might take time to come through to you, . You do have to agree and give it permission to re-install windows 10 on your machine so my experience was it worked first time but did take a lot more than the 20 minutes it told me it would take. The actual download installed in a usual amount of time but the upload to my machine and installation took 2 hours!   One feature that will have some implications for dyslexic users is the note taking facility in Cortana. If you say “Hey Cortana, can you write me a note,” you will then be able to add in a short sentence. Unfortunately it seems to only allow one shot and it automatically goes into OneNote. So what would be useful would be a pause facility. I do like that it goes straight to OneNote! For more about what it does please click below:-

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