Safer Internet Day in the UK today

A day to promote internet safety. For people with learning disabilities social media sites such as Facebook can be the cause of much joy but also offers potential for breaking relationships. Misunderstandings can occur when sentences have mistakes or mis-spellings that change a postive statement to a negative. Also, “unfriending” people can be very dramatic on relationships as well. How do we make facebook safe?

Well , we cant’t make facebook safe but we can decide on principles that could help.

  • when making comments decide to make only positive comments
  • never use a negative statement as this may lead to misunderstandings
  • don’t unfriend often. This can cause confusion and stress to your friends.
  • remember your audience – so don’t share everything!

Here are a few tips on what to write:-

  • say only postive things that encourage people ” That’s great! ” “Well done!”
  • write short clear statements but don’t write things that connect what you are doing and where you are now . This gives information that might be useful to others
  • if possible keep your comments few and lacking in specific detail.

Your privacy settings are important so keep everything to friends only where possible. Facebook’s privacy settings are very complex and you need to have someone to help who understands this and is able to ensure you are safe online.

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