Siri and the means to write with speech

This note is about writing and using Siri to make up stories as a good way of making information accessible. I can actually have more work into this note. I can also write lengthy pieces. Writing with your voice is different to using typing. You need to be able to pause, or had some text what you think of the next phrase to end your sentence. All of what you see written here has been done for using Siri or using the microphone on the keyboard .
The revolution for those with spelling issues is immense. It won’t solve dyslexia is! But it might just help with you to write some notes. Especially at home! Homework will be a breeze there!”

All the above was written using the microphone on the keyboard in notes on an iPad Air2 . It’s not perfect grammar but I have kept the  Implications for those with spelling issues are that they are no longer to writing, except at the editing stage will you do have to spell words!! I really like the idea that I can have Siri working and I can pause when I think of the next sentence on Siri is still writing-that is really awesome. I am truly impressed!
It even able to drop the paragraph line and use voice commands to  control the program. It even adds spaces between words. So the challenge is there to use speech as an alternative form to writing.

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