Quadblogging – what is it? what can it do?

I need to let David Mitchell, deputy head from Bolton – a town I went to school in last century, home of Peter Kay! David can explain what quadblogging is. It’s about interaction between four schools:-

Quadblogging – the concept

What can be achieved well it gives creative a chance to develop ideas that open the classroom up whilst developing writing skills.Listen to David Mitchell again speaking about how effective quadblogging is for creating audience and for changing lives:-

David Mitchell on Quadblogging

I was intrigued by the lad who said it had changed his life from all being in detention to speaking in front of lots of people. Engagement is the key – maybe it was doing something new. But the power is in the audience.Isn’t that why Youtube and Facebook have been so fantastically popular? So how do this apply to pupils with additional needs? Maybe the concept should extend to QuadMedia -where tools like Greenscreen, Touchcast, Periscope can be the focus for schools to interact not just with text – but all the tools of the toolbox! Certainly there is high engagement and interaction. Sharing both locally and wider afield would be great. So as of today if you or some school you know what to engage interactively please contact me via the website here and I can set you up with the skills needed to access the above tools and create a forum where we can share multimedia – kind of a safe youtube but more types of media. I will run through this blog to begin with but later may develop its own identity if it takes off!! So contact me on this site at https://aas123.com/contact-us

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