Bing search engine & tab display

Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 18.31.07

Bing has made improvements over the last few months. Create a tab setting and sign in to your Microsoft account. I particularly like this screen where all your tools are easily accessed in one place on the screen. If you have organisational difficulties this could be useful to you. Also, the backgrounds are often animated gifs which make a video of the background – to see what your background could be you can cycle through using the forward and backward arrows . Very slick and cool! And in doing this I needed to know how to take a screen shot on a chromebook. Not obvious as their isn’t a key on the keyboard. Answer is CTRL and the multiple windows key above numeral 6 on my keyboard. Also just seeing the whole screen is possible ( like f11 on a windows pc) by pressing the full screen key above numeral 5 on my keyboard.

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