Widgit Bulletin – looking towards the new term

Widigt have sent out a news bulletin containing resources that support learning. Out of the many useful resources I was attracted to the “Visual Timetable” this looks very useful for setting up and managing the difficult concept for learners with special needs to accept change by pre-warning of changes. Also there are resources on behaviour as well as the usual curriculum resources. If you are in a symbol-user setting then I am sure these resources would be of use. For more details continue reading below:-

The new academic year is just around the corner. Time to start planning for the new term? Have a look at our resources range – they are great for saving you from hours of creating your own, giving you more time to enjoy the summer holidays!

Save time and money with our resource bundles

Our resource bundles have been very popular with schools. They are ideal to use in all classrooms to support curriculum access for all children.

Current titles are:

  • KS1 Science
  • KS2 Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Primary

Save £140 on the Primary bundle, a collection of our most popular teaching resources, which provides a solid foundation for inclusive and personalised learning. With over 1,000 books and activities, you can easily differentiate the primary curriculum to meet pupils’ needs.

For more information:

Behaviour Prompts

Setting expectations for behaviour is incredibly important at the beginning of a new term. Our Behaviour Prompts pack will help visualise the expectations, ensuring that the children understand what is expected of them.

These resources are incredibly useful for non-verbal communication so behaviour prompting does not interrupt your teaching.

Only £5 for the Communicate In Print version.

For more information:

Maths Pack

Creating visual resources for maths lessons can be time consuming.

Our maths pack contains all the vocabulary you will need to teach maths in the primary classroom.

Use the range of ready-made layouts to help visualise difficult mathematical concepts and support consistency of language and visuals throughout the school.

Only £39 (supplied on CD)

For more information:

Visual timetables and other environment signs

Communication is an important element in any school or education establishment. Visual timetables, door signs and tray labels can be an easy way of communicating what is happening or where objects belong.

These ready-made symbol resources improve independence and reduce anxiety for a range of children.

Only £15 for the digital download or £25 for a CD version.

For more information:

Free Summer Resources

The summer holidays are nearly here – are you ready? Widgit have a range of free resources to help you plan for the summer.

Summer Planner
Weekly planner templates to help plan activities over the summer holidays:

Summer Weather
Activities, stories and worksheets relating to the weather in summer:

Holiday Vocabulary
A pack of flashcards for learning holiday vocabulary:

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