Outlook in Windows 8.1

I have been helping a couple of friends who are using Windows 8.1 and having trouble with email. I have to say the tile side of Windows 8.1 is nice to look at but importing addresses across and setting up can be a nightmare. If you use Thunderbird or any email provider like Virgin then you need to export your file in CSV format ( Comma Separated Version) which Outlook fails to recognise if you have a different heading other than “Email”. Because Thundebird exports a file with the heading for email as “Primary Email” Outlook refuses to see it. We just changed the CSV file in one area Primary Email to Email and voila everything worked!

Isn’t that silly? Those of use who use data a lot find importing data saves time but for the the same companies products not to talk to each other -!!!  The tile for Outlook is a cutdown so we had to do all our importing through going to the web-based version and People and importing from there. On the tile none of that appears? Again , is this another glitch. I leave that for you to decide but be warned upgrading on a Windows machine has its dropbacks espcially if you use different, unusual software that was cheap maybe but you pay in the long run.

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