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Exhausted! Exhilirated! That’s the words to describe how I feel after spending three days speaking and working on Tablet Academies stand. Met and talked to some lovely delegates to the exhibition as well as learning about amazing technology. Just go to my facebook page to see that. It’s on the side panels if you need to find it.

The device that makes you look like a borg is an access device that converts you thoughts into actions which is amazing.You just thing an action on the screen and you literally move it by your thought. You can control the mouse pointer in this way but it is more tricky! The implications for the physically disabled and brain injury patients to improve their concentration is amazing too. Called an Emotiv this device is available from CBIS – its not cheap but in terms of releasing the potential its a life changer for those trapped in their bodies. It also offers insights into the brain’s activity – something that may help understand conditions and how thinking and states of alertness occur for autism and those with severe complex needs. Truly amazing!

The Musii is a device tablet academy are selling through their store that allows co-operation between pupils and students. Three tube like protrubences are inflated so that when press the air displaced triggers sensors which in turn trigger a synthesizer. Tactile , and creative in that sounds can be mixed. It comes with an android remote that allows you to change the soundscape. There are 50 soundscapes that you can programme into the musii.  Applications are for the medical settings like children’s hospitals, sensory rooms in special schools and nurseries and music therapy settings.

Finally, a little device called a romo it allows you to place a ipod touch or iphone into a carrier which you then interact with the software. It’s like a robot but engages pupils to make decisions and perform progressive tasks . It’s programming but different.


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