BETT Bits – Friday 23rd January

Claro Software have launched a cloud based web reader and OCR suite. It looks really good and will help both pupils and schools/colleges to provide a text to speech options for research and recording. Also  on a transcribing note ai media run a live transcription service. You book in to their team of transcribers who then have the lecture broadcasted to them via your mobile phone and they in-turn speak directly into dragon dictate and then later you receive a transcript of the lecture or talk you have just heard. For more information contact:

Maths teachers maybe interested in the WIRIS which creates maths formulas on the web. Editor allows you to create and then copy and paste into your documents. On a differenit theme and money related bamzonia is a teaching and learning browser based package to teach children about money and finance. Engaging with games and modular this may help you teach this important subject. It has accessible features such as text to speech.

Special World are interested in hearing from you. Do you work with special educational needs? Have a story to tell or good practise to share or even an event to publicise? Then email 

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