Roll up! Roll up! Read all about it!

News has been a daily passion for as long as I can remember. Apps that access news proliferate but one as caught my eye called “Yahoo News Digest.” It has an intuitive interface that is aesthetically pleasing to see and simple to find your way around. The secret of a good app is content. Over the years I have found the “BBC News App” to be the most informative.It is  also a clear interface which depending on the wifi signal can be slow to load.

A different approach would be online e-magazines like Flipboard and Pulse which is now part of LinkedIn which is a powerful networking tool. Cool Hunting provides a more eccletic collection of fashion and gadgets. These provide a source of streams , online flow of information related to different catagories such as technology, education, science. A new way to see information is through a phenomenon called “Infographics” which gives a graphical edge to data which can be displayed in the form of infographic posters. The app “Infographic” displays information in this way.

Finally, I have used a service rather than an app called which creates online newspaper based on posts from your blogs. You set the dates you want to publish and then get your readers to subscribe that way every week or whatever frequency your readers wish provides a weekly service to their email address.

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