Instance of forgetting a guided access code

I don’t know if it’s case of getting old or just missing the right numbered keys but I locked myself out an iPad when using guided access. This is a useful feature if you want your pupils to stay on the single app. They can’t move to any other app or use the home button. Hence, my problem. It proved a tricky one to resolve as well. I tried several methods including the one suggested by the apple communities. That is to do a hard reset by holding down the power button and home key simultaneously. That restarts the iPad. Unfortunately the problem remained on reset. I then tried linking it to iTunes again with no effect.

The solution

So here is what worked!

1. On doing the hard reset wait till the apple logo appears

2. Double press the home key ( this takes the window to the apps being used) Timing this is critical I found and it took several tries as the guided access reset itself. All I would say is keep double clicking until you get the screen where you can see all the apps running in the background

3. Swipe up on the app that has the guided access and go to either the opening screen where “Settings” is or to “Settings” if its running in the background

4. Go to General > Accessibility> Guided Access and reset the passcode or turn it off!

5. Your iPad is back to normal.


Phew! That took an hour of my life to resolve and the moral of the saga is not to be too quick in setting a guided access code as you will have great difficulty accessing your iPad again!

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