iRewardChart & Emotions Reader

iRewardChart I came across when looking for behaviour rewarding apps. You can download for free for the iPhone, Android, Windows 8 & Kindle. It will allow you to use with a one child example but you can customise the content and add your own rewards. The rewards can be tangibly given ” extra time watching the football ” game. You decide on that and also you give star ratings to be used as reward system at the end of day, week, etc. Very simple and yet very powerful! Emotions Reader is a book that can be downloaded from iBooks Store for the Pad and is a way of increasing facial expressions. In the preface it says that this ebook is designed for children and young people to sharpen their ability to read facial expressions . This is a key need for children on the autism spectrum and those with adhd as often problems occur due to poor understanding of facial expressions . There are over 24 + checklists of emotions to consider and to record as your progress. The approach used is a short video clip and some actions to check against. What I like about it is that it breaks down each component expression into all the parts. Clearly laid out this is a good ebook!

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