Wize Floor – Interactive Collaborative Floor

Wize floor is more than an interactive floor it can engage pupils to work collaboratively on a much bigger scale. Oakfield School have been using one and they have found that it engages pupils in simple cause and effect games. One pupil finds motor planning a difficulty. The floor has helped him to make gross motor movements in a way a standard touch screen and tablet cannot do. Pupils with fine motor problems would benefit enormously from having sessions on such a device so that they could begin to learn on a larger scale combating their fine motor problems. In other word its an access tool for pupils who struggle with fine motor. It could also be effective with pupils on the autism spectrum. They could make more constructive use of their stereotypic behaviours through a game interaction. Learning by stealth in order to achieve an outcome. This tool has the potential for that. If you want to know more why not pay their website a visit at:-


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