Android TV

Did you know that by using an Android TV device you can ( with the addition of a keyboard and the mele f10 air mouse) have a fully functioning computer. You need to have a TV with an HDMI cable and then you can attach the Android TV device. You can buy these TV’s for as little as £45 from Amazon and this is what you need:-

photo (6)once connected up to your TV the system will boot up and look like a android device which is what it is

photo (6) from a special needs point of view I have been looking at ways you might use this for the partially sighted and those with learning needs as you can use an app called Swiftkey which gives you on-screen word prediction. Using the air mouse control ( you could use a USB mouse but the motion needed is similar to flicking on a touch tablet so you benefit from the airmouse!) you can then point to letters and write on screen. If you had a bluetooth keyboard you could also use that.

photo (7) I have also tested this using a USB headset and my voice making good use of the google speech engine input. You can write with this but the processor I had was slow. You really need the quad core android version for this operation but it is still very good. Google chrome has made some great improvements one of which is the inbuilt speech engine which makes this such a clever tool to use!!


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