iCloud has often been a mystery as to what it does when you use your iPad. Matters weren’t helped  when iWorks.com was about as this was apple’s could server at the time. But today I had an epiphany and realised the purpose of iCloud much better. If you have a iTunes account you can download a desktop version of iCloud. Now in its beta version you have access to Pages ( Word), Keynote(PowerPoint) and Numbers(Excel). This means you can access files from and interestingly for me to your iPad. Even drag and drop office written documents! Very handy for students needing to access word, powerpoint,excel and transfer documents made or stored on a PC  via  drag and drop to iCloud on the desktop . In order to to transfer from your iPad to the PC you need to open iCloud and choose the download option which will give you the transer formats which would be either PDF, Apple App or .Doc. PPT,etc . I think that would help take another process out of the list of things to do to make iCloud a more attractive option than emails!



You can even edit in Pages or Numbers or Keynote  online via a PC! This is truly cloud-based applications. But remember you need an Itunes account and obviously your own mobile device

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