Windows 8.1 – the return of the start button

For those of us who hated the absence of the start button on windows 8 this upgrade returns it back to the desktop.Yes! Other improvements are to the store and to the speed of the apps. But as I am waiting to see how the download will affect my laptop I will put a comment on this blog to let you know

One thought on “Windows 8.1 – the return of the start button

  1. Well the first thing you notice is how long the download takes. On a wifi system of average coverage and a 30 mg download this took over an hour. The installation time took even longer – over an hour. It’s over 3 gb of download and therefore a massive file. My data was left in tack and my personal settings have remained the same for my desktop image and look and feel of the machine.

    The biggest change for me was the file organisation layout screen which now is more focused on Skydrive and they have squirreled away the documents, pictures, video, music libraries under My PC. Don’t know why they have done this other than giving more prominence to their Skydrive system which they seem to be stubbornly keeping to despite the legal actions from Sky about this!

    All in all it seems good and stable and I would recommend it but allow plenty of time. This is a large update which as the way of all windows operating systems seems to take for ever. The closing screen as the installation completes says “Almost There” – don’t believe it !!


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