Online music stations


Everyone knows about Spotify and Grooveshark as a means of playing online music. Although advertised for free this is for a trial period and then you have to pay a subscription rate. I have been trying a new tool called Aupeu! . This is a online radio station that allows music to be sorted by mood. This reminded me of when I taught my class of Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities class. We would link the day by playing music that cue’d the class to the changes that were occurring. For such pupils change can be unnerving as you have no control over how and when this occurs. Similar to Objects of Reference music can be used to tell pupils what the next activity is. Fine if you are a musician but what if you don’t play an instrument?

That’s where using onlne music stations could be useful. Sure you could create playlists of music to show passages of the day and what activities take place. But if you could play up to the minute current music of any genre then using things like Aupeu! could be very handy! You have the music arranged to your mood eg happy, calm, relaxation, lively, etc. These could be set to class activities eg fast paced music for pe and sports, slow paced jazz and blues for relaxation time, classical for learning activities. The choice is yours and the class you work with.

Get parents onboard in finding out what their son or daughters preferences are? Also, what smells they like!! We all know when dinner is coming when we smell it! If your sensory systems don’t work or have difficulities integrating them then we need all the information we can get. So how about smells available for different activities you engage in? Smell is a powerful memory aid and can enable memories to be created so don’t go overboard by using this all the time but use smell sparingly. Pupils can then build up an alternative “smell” memory bank of events for them to access.

Aupeu! is free to use . Premium rate channel available as well which gives you more options and controls over the site.

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