What a difference a year makes!

Now is the time of semi-retirement. Wiltshire Council have released me to greener pastures and the first week was weird on the first day for me. First time this century I have not gone into school or my old base this century! Still life has been busy, even hectic as I took a funeral, spoke at a ladies meeting and took a church service. Not bad eh? Feel like a full-time Christian worker. My second week has so far been more relaxed. I have a few jobs with web design and research to do. I am setting myself a discipline of writing a new article a day as I want to publish through professional magazines for parents and teachers. I have a consultation to do in Marlborough and begin to plan what else. I am also working for Brighter Futures in Bath as a trainer and consultant there. That will give an avenue into Bath schools as well as a training venue and admin support. The business side scares me as I don’t consider this my skill set. I was “sacked” as Math’s Co-Ordinator at one school I worked at!

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