Not just a page reader!

Had a chance to look at the Orcam Learn for schools and really is a useful tool. First of all, I like the voice, Such tools like this fall down due to the voices they use. This is a useful tool is inflection and tone to the sentence understanding. Also the targeting using laser lights are cool and useful for accurately recording. You can also hear individual words as well. But where the package wins out is in the recording of pupils individual progress. Orcam has worked hard with SENCO’s to find the information they wanted. So you can see in realtime use and how the children read as there is a listen mode and a reading mode. This makes it more comprehensive a tool for reading .

At the moment there is special deal going on so take a look at the link below for more details of that. It’s annual subscription fee for the software after the first year . There is a one-off price for the device around the £400 mark. Still quite difficult for schools to afford in this period of austerity, in my opinion, but I understand the price of developing this product and making it work in this way . Check it out at

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