Digital Creative Art

As an ex-Art student and someone who likes to draw as well as take photographs I have a love of apps that can enable you to become more creative. Ever since David Hockney started using his iPad ( and even before!) I have created art works of my own. Maybe, not good enough to show or share but just like printing, art is more accessible in this medium. Portable solutions such as the iPad or Surface can give you a virtual sketch pad to work with.

What apps are useful?

A lot of apps mainly deal with enhancing photographs such as Adobe Express. But there are some really good apps to consider. Brushes ( iOS and Android) is a good start as it has a range of drawing tools and the ability to choose and mix paints easily. Paper (iOS) is another package I like using as it as a lovely pen tool that makes calligraphy like brush strokes. If you need some help and support with drawing then tracing may be an option for you. Adobe Sketch has layers which becomes a tool for tracing over an image of photograph. You can get a free online subscription from Adobe to do this for which you sign in. Adobe Sketch is a cloud based product. I use it on the iPad. Also available in Android.

On the PC and Windows 10 there is Fresh Paint – which is a pleasant surprise! A lot of useful features for free such as a colour palette to mix your paints, different pencils and pens and an import photo feature. You can use it on a touch screen, surface pen and a mouse so it’s pretty much accessible by anything. You do have to download it on your PC from the Microsoft Store.

If you think you can’t draw at all then their are adult colouring apps to use like Colorfy or Adult Colouring both are free but be aware that costs can increase significantly with in-app purchases of additional books.

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