Apps to Organize your Workload

There is a sudden and extensive explosion in apps designed to help you organize and plan your workload. Trello, Insightly, Brill, Asano, Teamworks, Microsoft Teams. They all have their pro’s and con’s and will be suitable for sen pupils requiring planning and organisation. The apps have clear visual methodology that would help the visual learner.  I like Brill’s simple interface., but beware of in-app purchases, Trello is great for a task orientated project which has a lot of steps or running a project which has to communicate with fellow workers often.

Insightly I have used often and it helps with project deadlines or developing contacts and marketing your services. Whereas Asano, Teamworks and Microsoft Teams are for managers working with teams.  Teamworks and Microsoft Teams are pay for services. Useful for schools, companies and organizations which need to keep a track of projects the teams are working on but at a cost!

In terms of how it could help a pupil who needs organisational skills. Then I would keep it simple and use Brill.  Another option would be Google Keep or Evernote  Google Keep is free and Evernote has plans that can be purchased but you can Basic which is free. It’s a simple idea and can be easily scanned by swiping. Details are added under a specified heading. Deleting is a little bit more difficult but just swipe left and it reveals a bin to get rid of the app. If the pupil is using a mobile this approach is the simplest to operate.

I use these tools as a way of communicating with others as well as planning and prioritizing my workload. Also, for keeping track of information and projects that have been dormant or silent. It’s useful for these and other uses still yet to be discovered.

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