Tip for sharing videos!

Using the ipad to make movies is great and simple! But when you want to share that .mov video with schools or other organisations you find that they often do not play on their systems. The reason is the complex and nutty world of none standard video formats particularly on a windows operating – codec hell – I tend to find on a pc .wmv works for me.

There is a free but time consuming solution at http://www.zamzar.com​ ( you  may have one you prefer!) . Zamzar converts any file into any other format. Which is fantastic for this activity.

My process is to download to an online storage app eg dropbox, google drive, box that I can later access from a laptop. Then I download the file and use Zamzar to upload the file , convert it and send back to the online storage place. A shared link for just that information or a set of videos can then be sent to your school or organisation. Meaning the material can be removed at a later date from the device or a permanent place to park your information to. … simples!!

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