NAACE Conference2014

Drat!! I wrote a lengthy and witty piece and it hasn’t saved on my ipad.  I still have a lot of time on my hands (still travelling back) it would be good to pull together themes and thoughts. NAACE and what other bodies that are left need to ‘team- up’ and be a voice for reason in an age of Gove , or should we say G.G. Gove after his wrap performance on the BBC school report. We are lagging behind in ICT compared to the rest of the British Isles. We have the talent and the skill to do this and God Willing if we continue to do what we love to do we shall overcome and Cinderella will go to the ball! Or should I say casino after last night. I struggled with sleep deprivation- self inflicted- due to a early morning breakfast and was humbled if not amazed that people came! But I loved the guy and his papershow and aurasma parent portal. What a simple idea and I saw minority report come to life. So it was worth the two days of sleep deprivation and 8 hr train round trip. Thank you NAACE!!!

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