Voice control to make a call to Zoom

If you have lost hand function and you want to join a zoom meeting you are basically stumped as you have to manually input the meeting ID , participant number, and password .

Now, I have discovered a way to do this by voice using Siri, iPhone and a zoom meeting. It boils down to a couple of commas, the meeting ID # and more commas to give a pause and then more ,,, to end with a # . If you are skeptic or need to see how this works here’s a video to prove it.

Imagine you are blind as well as loss of hand function this is truly debilitating and require speech only the method, the only press made was for you to hear the process in real-time.

Chromebook Accessibility Features

This webpage gives you an article explaining all the accessibilty features in Chromebooks . There are links to videos that cane explain how to setup the features and turn them on

Go to:-

And to watch a video now, see this one on highlights around the cursor:-

Access to Work

Did you know as an employer you can get help for your employees from the Access to Work scheme?

Here is the link to further information and the application process


AccessAbility Solutions can advise you on the kinds of solutions that can help you from seating to alternative input methods to your computer. Give us a call or book a 15 min free consultation to discuss your requirements.

It’s not just about life-long disabled people it is also about those in your workforce who suffer illness and life changing circumstances and need help.

Revamp of AccessAbility Solution Website

I have been having a spring clean of the site. A re-organisation of the tabs mainly and adding some additional material. Have you looked at the Podcast? Lots of Assistive Technology discussed all in less than 5 minute episodes. Also, Contact now has my calendar and booking a free 15 min call and chat to discuss your Assistive Technology needs. Resources has been streamlined into a more accessible format for use on Mobiles. Long drop downs now replaced with headings. At AAS we enjoy expanding our knowledge base and make this website a go to place for all teachers, parents and professionals using Assistive Technlogy.

Our Home Page as become About – so that we can explain who we are and what we do. But we continue to share the latest and most interesting developments in Assistive Technology in the UK. We are committed to raising the awareness of Assistive Technology in the UK along with the British Assistive Technology Association ( http://bataonline.org)

Assistive Technology for free

Here is an ongoing list for those who might find this helpful:-

AbilityNet has a set of useful advice suitable for different conditions

Voice control for Chrome – extension from the chrome store

Chrome Store – lotts of extensions for Chrome


Google Keep – for remembering and storing information

Grammarly- online support for writing

Google Docs – on the tools menu voice typing is a good aide to writing

Microphone in www.google.co.uk gets overlooked as an access tool

Typing Assistant – word prediction tool 


NDVA – screenreader – https://www.nvaccess.org/

Look also at Ease of Access (Windows 10)  – list of adjustments to make your computer more accessible. ( see powerpoint “Accessibility in Windows 10)

AppWriter Cloud – text to speech, word prediction, pdf reader and overlay writer

Dwell Clicker – not free £12 but for those who can’t click on a mouse. Download for free


ACE pointers for older systems eg Windows 7 does what ease of access does for windows 10

WordTalk – free text to speech for older microsoft word 



Remember the Milk – https://www.rememberthemilk.com/

Mindmeister – free mindmapping software

ClaroSpeak – text to speech, word prediction  – free  download both android and iOS

Mozilla has some good assistive technology features such as  zoom which expands all the text and makes the browser more accessible. 

Opera Browser – has a clear interface and therefore easier to navigate 

Safari (on an  Ipad)  – there is a text screen on this which is great for studying and research students. 

Texthelp – have an add-on to google docs to aid studying  – show highlighting tools.