BritBox is a brand new streaming tv service specialising in box sets such as Dr Who and Broadchurch . It’s a combined ITV and BBC venture . Will it work outside the UK? Let me know . I suspect not. But of you have a desire to watch all the series of the Good Life give it a whirl for 30 days free trial . No contract so you cancel at any time . How much ? £5.99 a month . What can it go on ? Pretty much anything and also on firetv for those using the fire stick . Awesome !

Only seen on BritBox in its entire seasons

App Mapping Database

For many years I have been making this database which lists useful apps according to the National Curriculum, P Levels and 7 levels of engagement. You can either view the database live or download a searchable google sheet.

This will provide you with a comprehensive list of useful apps to use with your pupils. We want you to add your own apps as well if it’s not listed. The list is continually being added to. Click on the link below or just go to the “Apps” tab


To download the latest update as an Excel file click on the link below:-

App Mapping Database – Feb’20